Constitution and Legal Status

Majengo Estates Developers Ltd was incorporated in Dar es Salaam in January 1995 as a real estate firm offering a wide range of real estate services under one roof. The name of the firm reinforces the commitment of the pioneers of the firm on sustaining physiological and economic needs of the built environment in which our clients operate and take rest after hours of toiling. Our humble beginnings were in the contracting business mainly carrying out ground maintenance, repairs and improvement works on buildings. With an increasing number of young graduates joining the partnership mainly from BSc Degree programme, we transformed ourselves into a consulting firm. The Consultancy services that we have continued to offer include Property Consultancy, land development delivery and appraisals, asset and real estate valuation, facilities management, agency brokerage, real estate research

Corporate Information

Directors of the company are:-

  1. Dr Felician Komu – Registered and Licensed Valuer/Lead Consultant
  2. Macloud Lyimo – Registered Valuer
  3. Reginald Mosha – Registered Valuer

Professional Standards

Majengo Estates Developers Ltd subscribes to Professional Code of Conduct that forms core of its guidance in discharging professional services. Its staff are registered professionals with a number of Professional Association and Boards. The current professional bodies that are associated to our practice include the following:

  1. National Council of Professional Surveyors
  2. International Valuation Standards Council
  3. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Company Offices

Our company offices are found on the ground floor of Agip House which is located in Mwenge, opposite the popular TPDF Block of Flats, behind the Makonde Curio and Carvings Trading Centre and Near TRA Kinondoni offices. We have two branch offices:

  1. Mbeya: First Floor NIC Building Mbeya, along Lupaway Street with P.O. Box 1980 Mbeya.
  2. Moshi: Second Floor NSSF Commercial Building, Plot No. 29 Block B Old Moshi Road.

Our Reports

Clients instructions to us are an important input into our different reports. Each report is tailored to the needs of a Client. The general format includes a Valuation Certificate that has a number of security features that protect integrity of business deals between our Clients and their business partners.


In recognition of the need for excellence in areas of our competence, Majengo Estates Developers Limited sponsors special academic prizes for University Students within the Country. Over the last 10 years Majengo has offered Prizes for Best Student in the Subject LM 329 Maintenance of the Built-Environment.


We encourage young professionals to join and develop careers with us.